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Accommodation in Port Dickson
Accommodation in Port Dickson
Accommodation in Port Dickson

For your accommodation in Port Dickson, all the Chalets at Lexis Port Dickson Resort are designed with a tropical Balinese touch that combine charm, elegance and comfort for our guests.

This luxury hotel in Port Dickson is specially designed with Bali's tumble stone flooring, tropical hardwood flooring, elevated bedroom with king and queen beds or king and day beds and a cosy environment with concealed lightings. The open concept bathroom are uniquely designed with solid transparent glasses for underneath sea water viewing.

All Water Chalet units are elegantly furnished with granite, tumble stone, parliament stone, timber strip and teakwood furniture coupled with Balinese stone carvings and pottery. Impeccable design, superb finishes and exquisite fittings complement our guests' lifestyle with a unique experience.


* No pets allowed in room



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Guest Reviews

Guest Reviews

"The rooms are built on water. I can say there are 3 parts of the room. Firs..."
minah86 , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
10 February 2014

"Good view with nice room. Came here for short getaways as we're having fina..."
ZettyEzhard , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
27 December 2013

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