Brand New Lexis Shop, Your Ticket to the Best Lexis Experience!

A brand new Lexis shop for your extraordinary Lexis experience

Life can be complicated, but your next escape shouldn't be.

To make it a refreshing sea breeze for you to purchase and secure best-priced Lexis Room Vouchers with maximum ease and heartsease, Lexis Hotels would like to invite you to where we have invested in the most user-friendly interface and hassle-free payment solutions that allow your relaxing Lexis experience to begin even before you check into your favourite Lexis Hotel. 

The new Lexis Shop will also ensure that your Lexis Room Voucher will automatically arrive safely in your email account the second your payment has been approved, compared to the old Lexis Store that requires you to set up an account through which you need to log-in after each transaction to retrieve your Lexis Room Vouchers. This improvement is just one of the many big and small details that our team have so painstakingly secured based on actual user feedbacks from loyal Lexis fan like you. And to Lexis fans who still have unutilised and valid e-Room Vouchers in your Lexis Store accounts, rest assured that you will still have full access to retrieve them for your next Lexis getaway.

Another thoughtful new feature that we have included in the new Lexis Shop is  allowing you to have the Lexis Room Vouchers directly emailed to the recipients of your choice with a personalised message. Because what says "I want you to be happy" more than the gift of a rejuvenating vacation!