Bagan Pinang Beach

Bagan Pinang Beach at Port Dickson

Just 13 minutes’ drive away from Lexis Port Dickson, Bagan Pinang Beach which is popularly known as Bagan Pinang Port Dickson or Pantai Bagan Pinang Port Dickson is a beach that lies along the 2nd and 4th mile of Port Dickson. Bagan Pinang Port Dickson is a quiet beach that features a wide expanse of sand at low tide, with shallow and gentle sea waters.

Approximately 8.2 kilometres away from Lexis Port Dickson, Bagan Pinang Port Dickson is popular with day-trippers and families alike. Bagan Pinang Port Dickson is considered as one of the cleanest beaches with fine white sand and calm clean water with no rocks hidden beneath the surface. The beach is also surrounded by many trees, providing comforting shades to the beach goers as they relax and enjoy the sea breeze with their loved ones. Other park facilities such as paved walkways and gazebos are also available for visitors to take a stroll with their families and friends.

At Bagan Pinang Port Dickson, there are many amenities and facilities available such as hawker stalls, toilets with showers and parking lots. Visitors may try out the water sports activities available here such as jet skis, banana boats and speed boats. Camping is also another common activity that visitors enjoy carrying out when visiting Bagan Pinang Port Dickson. Many visitors would set up camps along the beach and cook their own meals whilst listening to their loved ones strumming their guitar away. Besides that, visitors may also purchase kites from the souvenir stalls and fly their kites at the beach as the wind conditions are favourable for this activity at Bagan Pinang Port Dickson.

Visitors may also walk over to the Saturday night market which is available from 4.00pm until 10.00pm and it is located approximately 1.3 kilometres away from Bagan Pinang Port Dickson. At the night market, there are many stalls selling items such as food, clothes, souvenirs, groceries and many more. Book with us now at Lexis Port Dickson and drop by Bagan Pinang Port Dickson for a little walk before heading back to your rooms to enjoy a restful and serene evening.


Bagan Pinang, 71000 Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia