Rachado Lighthouse, Tanjung Tuan Beach

Lighthouse at Cape Rachado Lighthouse

Are you looking for a sweet escape from the busy town of Port Dickson? Then head 17 kilometres south and you’ll reach Tanjung Tuan Port Dickson. Be prepared to be amazed by picturesque destinations as you discover many great spots to unwind here. Here are some spots you shouldn’t miss:

1. Cape Rachado Lighthouse

Also referred to as the Tanjung Tuan Lighthouse in Port Dickson, Cape Rachado Lighthouse serves as the oldest lighthouse in Malaysia. Your long journey all the way up will be well worth it because you’ll be rewarded with a panoramic view of Tanjung Tuan from up above. Plus, you’ll get a fantastic view of the ocean from there. You'll also pass by the Dutch Well, the primary source of drinking water of the Portuguese on your way to this celebrated lighthouse.

2. Tanjung Tuan Beach

Also called the Pantai Tanjung Tuan, this beach is a sanctuary reservoir of wild birds. After visiting the Cape Rachado lighthouse in Port Dickson, head to the beach and appreciate the crystal-clear waters and white sand. You could find this beach right at the tip of the cape. This can be a lengthy walk because you’ll reach it after about a half an hour of hiking towards Pulau Intan. But all your efforts will pay off once you reach this hidden gem.

3. Tanjung Tuan Forest Recreation

If you want to see a breath-taking view of Malacca, this would be the best destination. The forest and the sea will make you forget about being tired after the long walk. This forest reserve is ideal for both children and those who are still kids at heart. Children could try the starter-type hiking trails inside. The Malaysian Nature Society takes care of this beloved location and holds the "Raptor Watch" annually during the first week of March. It is the biggest eco-tourism event in the country, where you can join guided walks and participate in games.

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Entry Fee:
RM1 (Adult) | Free for children

(Prices are subject to change)


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